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Handle Wraps

Give a fresh look to an old collection in minutes…

Family Chic Decorating
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Cork Burst

I like to create unusual baubles to place on my coffee table or mantel. My kids love unexpected decorating details and this type of thing always grabs the attention of guests. I made this in about 30 minutes and I’m thrilled with it…

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Decorating For Fall With Old Clothes and A Coffee Bag

My husband was clearing out some of his old clothes to donate to charity and a few things caught my eye. Now those things are hanging in our dining room …

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Sharing Some Recent Finds

I am redoing my daughter’s bedroom and have been on the hunt for some fun, stylish and inexpensive pieces to give her room an update. I came across a few finds that I just had to share…

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A Sweater For Your Seat

This cool, vinyl thrift store chair had a lot going for it in terms of style, however, the seat had a gash in it. I thought I’d mix up the textures a bit and use a sweater in the same color as the vinyl to recover the seat…

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