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Quick Change

I picked up this chair at the Salvation Army for $10.00. I considered painting the frame – but then I decided against it. Instead, I polished it up a bit and just recovered the seat. I like the contrast of worn wood against fresh fabric…

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My Backyard Living Room

We used to have a dining set out here, this year we switched things up and created an outdoor living room. No walls to hold me back – I brought on some serious color and patterns – crewel work, ethnic prints and neon colors – they are all at work in this setup. We are loving it…

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Candlestick Tricks

I found these ceiling fixtures at a garage sale this weekend – I paid $8.00 for the pair. Using a candle adhesive – I stuck candles into the socket and gave these old fixtures a new life as candlesticks…

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Temporary Changes

When it comes to decorating my home, I am a huge believer in temporary change. I deliberately keep my backgrounds neutral so that they can take on my constant need for change, it works for me. Several years ago, I purchased some botanical prints for a song on ebay…

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What Would Andy Do?

Why not bring a bit of pop art into your home with these simple Warhol inspired ideas? For just $0.88 a can you can grab some style and eat your lunch too!…

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