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Doily Garland

Create a lacy garland on the cheap with resale shop doilies…

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Quick Coat Revamp Video

Add personal details to a plain wool coat to make it your own. For about $10.00, you can pick up a bag of embroidery floss at a craft or fabric store and you’re on your way. Check out my video tutorial below for the full story…

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The Faker’s Hand Towel

My kids “fake wash” their hands. They turn on the water, wait a few seconds, turn it off and leave the bathroom. I am up to their trick – so I thought I’d let them know by sending them a message on the hand towel they never use…

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Needlepoint Pencil Cup

A metal pencil cup from IKEA had the perfect surface for a needlepoint sampler – so I thought I’d give it a try…

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Pocket Vase

I picked up this vase for a few bucks at a resale shop – I loved the shape and color – but didn’t really care for the message it carried. So, this idea was born…

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