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The “I Dig You” Chocolate Bar Envelope

A chocolate bar is wrapped in an embroidered paper bag envelope to make a sweet and thoughtful Valentine…

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Valentine Candle Craft

This Valentine’s Day, dress up inexpensive candle tins to give as a burning reminder of your love! These make great Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers too – have your kids help.

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You Can Sew A Can

This Valentine’s Day project makes a fun and unusual gift.To make this just paint a can with a few coats of latex paint, pierce a design into the surface using a hammer and nail and pull embroidery thread through the holes with a needle…

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Canvas Vases

A canvas cover in the shape of a vase gives a jelly jar a quick makeover. To make this vase cover – take a jar or bottle, lay in on top of a piece of canvas fabric and sketch out the vase shape you would like…

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Poison Gift Bag

To wrap a few treats for Halloween – try making this simple canvas gift bag. I cut two rectangular pieces of canvas – roughly 8″ x 10″ in size and sewed the three sides together using the serge setting on my sewing machine…

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