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For $3.99 A Bunch – Fern Leaves Can Go A Long Way

I love leaves of all types, but I think fern fronds are my favorite. Ferns have an earthy appeal for me – they remind me of walking in the woods, springtime and greenhouses. In the floral section of the supermarket you can always find fern leaves and usually they are priced at under $4.00 a bunch. Here are a few ways you can decorate with these inexpensive beauties…

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Happiness In A Sunflower

Watching a plant grow from a seed can be very exciting for a child (and an adult). Those first signs of green life emerging from all of that brown soil brings on screams of delight in our home. This could possibly be the least expensive way to make a child happy – give it a try…

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Sweater Vase

I cut off the cuff of an old sweater, felted it and slipped it over a jar to create a more interesting vase.

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First impressions are lasting ones.

I like my exteriors to hint at what is going on inside, while still maintaining privacy. I spray painted my garden gate with very basic stencil letters from Home Depot. The industrial look is clean and bold…

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