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Ivy Heart

Here’s a quick and different way to bring fresh greenery to your table…

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Sequin Planter

To combine sequins with a rosemary plant seemed like the perfect thing to do. I picked up my small rosemary plant for $2.99 in my supermarket’s produce section, covered a can in sequin fabric and dropped the plant inside…

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Pocket Vase

I picked up this vase for a few bucks at a resale shop – I loved the shape and color – but didn’t really care for the message it carried. So, this idea was born…

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Potted Candle Planters

For an outdoor party try mixing your lighting with your plants…

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Button-Down Vase

Here’s more you can make with leftover shirt pieces from the previous project. The front center placket on a menswear shirt (where the shirt sides join to be buttoned) was cut off the shirt and buttoned together to hold small glass votives in place for a simple centerpiece.

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