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Pocket Vase

I picked up this vase for a few bucks at a resale shop – I loved the shape and color – but didn’t really care for the message it carried. So, this idea was born…

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Back Pocket Valentine

The back pocket from a pair of jeans is used to make this Valentine’s Day gift bag. To make this, I cut out the back pocket from a pair of jeans (leaving the back attached) and inserted a piece of cardboard to give the bag support…

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Cardboard Gift Tags

The arrival of my husband’s new bass amp has provided me with an enormous corrugated box to work with. I’ve been hooked on embroidery these days – so I couldn’t resist using the cardboard to stitch up some gift tags for Valentine’s Day.

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Yarn Candle Jars

Jars are wrapped in red yarn to create simple & festive lighting…

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The Love ‘Em and Leaf ‘Em Valentine

Stitch some love into your greenery…

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