Dinner Bombing A Neighbor

Looking for a fun way to spend a random weeknight? Try dinner bombing your neighbor. I came up with this idea when I was thinking of different ways to be a bit more creative when committing my random acts of kindness. Here’s how it works – make a hot and ready meal for your neighbor, pack it up and drop it off. I find it’s best to drop off by 5:00 (before they’ve made dinner plans). Don’t warn them – just do it. Our neighbors were floored – couldn’t believe it. We received a lovely thank you note the next day. It was a feel-good moment on both ends.

dinner bomb 1

Dinner bombing is a great way to surprise your neighbor, spread good feelings and build connections in your community.

dinner bomb 2

My daughter helped me pack up and deliver our dinner bomb the other night. She was very excited to do it. Afterwards, we walked across the street holding hands, feeling happy. She said, “that felt good!”.

dinner bomb 5

A few suggestions for what to make: meals that reheat well and are universally liked. My lasagna is a favorite around here; I made a vegetarian version because I wasn’t sure of the recipient’s preference. We added a great little salad, fresh Italian bread and a baked dessert.

dinner bomb 4

If they’ve made plans already – they can reheat for dinner the next night or bring to work for lunch.