No-Carve Pumpkins For Kids (and parents)

When it comes to kids and their artwork, I believe it is best to not interfere with their creative processes. They are far more talented that most adults — their imaginations know no bounds. When it comes to pumpkins, carving with a knife is difficult for most children to control and they usually require more help from adults. Instead, set them up with a big old pumpkin – a few leftover craft supplies and a glue gun. Give them space to work, turn on some music and step away. You’ll be less stressed – your child will be far happier and the results will be phenomenal.

My husband holds up

My husband holds up Jane’s latest creation. She made the hat by hot-gluing together some felted wool scraps from an old project of mine. She was delighted with the results – we were all very impressed. So fresh and original.