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Rip Off This Skirt Idea

I found this great skirt in a thrift store. I loved the pattern and the fabric, but the length was too long. Making a cut at my desired length, I gently pulled the threads to create a rough fringe along the bottom. In an instant, I had the look I wanted…

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With children in the house, a painted dining room floor is the perfect alternative to a rug.

Having a rug under a dining table isn’t the easiest thing to keep clean, so I decided to paint our floor instead. By using an epoxy paint (traditionally used on garage floors) tinted to the shade I desired, I was able to accent my dining room floor surface with the most durable paint I know of – it never stains…

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First impressions are lasting ones.

I like my exteriors to hint at what is going on inside, while still maintaining privacy. I spray painted my garden gate with very basic stencil letters from Home Depot. The industrial look is clean and bold…

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A bland bathroom door no more.

Using pages from 2 books purchased at a garage sale, I papered my bathroom door to give my small powder room some interest.

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