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Cork Pencil Cup

For a Father’s Day gift, try making this fun cork-covered pencil cup…

A can is covered in corks to create a pencil cup for Dad's desk
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“DIY” Wine Bottle Glasses

I dropped off some empty wine bottles at my local glass shop to have them cut in half and the edges ground smooth. They charged me about $3.50 a piece. So happy to have my new set of glassware. I could also use these as vases…

To buy my own good quality glass cutter would cost me about $40.00 or more. I decided to go with my local glass shop instead.
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Button-Down Vase

Here’s more you can make with leftover shirt pieces from the previous project. The front center placket on a menswear shirt (where the shirt sides join to be buttoned) was cut off the shirt and buttoned together to hold small glass votives in place for a simple centerpiece.

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“Trick Up My Sleeve” Coin Purse

Make a pouch from a shirt cuff…

A coin purse made from the cuff of a menwear shirt.
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Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day is June 19th – I’ve been looking around for gift ideas for my husband and thought I’d share a few of my favorite finds…

MTV t-shirt $14.50 at
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