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Easy Apple Wreath Centerpiece

I like to keep my centerpieces interesting. Here’s another fast one for you. Set the timer – this one can be done in under a minute! XO, C

Wild Votive Holder

I usually prefer a wild look to my centerpieces — more free and unexpected than correct and fussy. Take a look at this one I created from backyard clippings and a can.

Leaf Tassel

Luckily, at this time of year, Mother Nature is generous – natural beauty is scattered everywhere. Take a quick walk

Apple Topiary

Instead of flowers, try making an apple topiary to give as a holiday hostess gift.

Bounce Ball Planter

Perk up your pots with this easy addition…

Checkerboard Moss Centerpiece

This is the easiest centerpiece ever and it looks amazing!

Miniature Hostess Gift

A small succulent placed in a pewter cup – something the host/hostess can keep on their desk or bedside table…

Twig Bundles

A budget-friendly holiday centerpiece you can make days in advance and you can use it again next year…

Shim Holiday Planter

Try this easy makeover and turn an inexpensive potted shrub into a holiday centerpiece…

“Free-For-Fall” Arrangement

Decorating for free with what you have around the yard and home…

Fabric Light Cups

Check out how you can make some cool outdoor lighting for Halloween with Mod Podge, Stiffy and some leftover fabric…

family chic

Egg Carton Vase

An easy centerpiece idea for your Easter table…

Family Chic Gold Leaves

Gold Tape Leaves

Grab some gold tape and a branch from outside — these are simple to make!

Sweater Sleeve Pot Cover

Here’s another way to use an old sweater…

Molded Paper Planters

To make these pot covers, I used a paper grocery bag, water and the heat of the sun…

Family Chic Gardening

Picnic Basket Planter

Different planters for your outdoor space…

Family Chic Spring Centerpiece

Milk Carton Planter

Keep your look easy and save some cash with this simple centerpiece made from milk cartons…

Family Chic Spring Centerpiece

Tulip Root Balls

Create a fresh spring look for a dinner party with this easy tulip root ball centerpiece that can double as a party favor…

Rose Petal Necklace

A decorative necklace made from dried rose petals looks bright and cheery when draped around the neck of a statue or hung on the corner of a mirror.

Fabric Can Planter

Turn a soup can into a romantic planter…