Fabric Light Cups

Thanks to PLAID Mod Podge for sponsoring this post. The ideas presented here are entirely my own. 

Sometimes you want to add a little Halloween lighting to those dark spots in the yard where an extension cord won’t reach. Here’s a quick and easy way to create cordless, outdoor lighting to illuminate the way for those little trick-or-treaters on the 31st (and it’s safer than candles)…

Fabric is molded into stiff cups that can hold a battery-operated LED light.

These lights dot the stairs and create moody Halloween lighting along our front walk.

For this project you will need: PLAID Stiffy (creates permanent fabric stiffness quickly and easily), PLAID Mod Podge Outdoor (a waterbase sealer, glue and finish for outdoor use), leftover fabric, a small glass cup, craft brushes and bright white LED tea lights (bright white LEDs are better than regular - they illuminate the cups more effectively because they are so bright).

Using a 6"-7" dish as your template, trace and cut out a circle from your fabric. Using a brush, coat both sides with Stiffy Fabric Stiffener.

Drape damp fabric over glass cup, let dry for an hour. You will want to remove it from the cup before it totally dries or else it will stick. It should be slightly damp when you take it off.

Place in a plastic cup to dry the inside of your fabric cup - let sit for about an hour or until completely dry. This will keep the fabric in a cup shape.

Gently remove fabric from cups. Allow to dry upright for 1/2 hour more if needed. The Stiffy will turn your fabric circles into firm cups.

To seal the fabric cups and make them sturdier for outdoor use, coat outside and inside with Mod Podge outdoor. Follow instructions on bottle.

When cups are dry, drop a bright white battery-operated LED light in each one and place outside.

Have fun with it! XO, Camilla

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