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Mug “Gift Wrap”

A green way to give…

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Resale Shopping Notes – Funky Glassware Find

Serving after school refreshments in style…

My Guess is that these are from the late '70s.
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Vacation Shopping

When I’m on vacation I always try to fit in a quick visit to a local resale shop or antique mall. Recently, on a trip to Michigan, I picked up a few treasures that I am really excited about…

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Keeping An Eye Open At Resale Shops

I love resale shops – so I make regular visits to a few of my favorites in my area. Every so often a friend will ask me about my purchases – they like to know why I buy the things I buy. I get the question -“How did you see the beauty in that? I would have walked right passed it!” So, I thought I’d start a new category on my blog called, Resale Shopping Notes…

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