It’s not too late to make a Valentine that will knock their socks off!

Instead of a card – try making this Valentine globe and fill it with a message of love.

You will need a jar, excelsior (fine wood shavings), glue gun, paper, paint or markers, ribbon or fabric, tissue paper and a metallic doily.

Using a glue gun, attach excelsior to inside of jar lid.

Cut out a heart from card stock paper, decorate and attach to a toothpick with tape.

Stick heart into excelsior. You can add a dab of glue to the end of the toothpick, but the wood shavings are so stiff – the toothpick will remain in place on its own.

Measure height of jar and cut two pieces of background paper (one of tissue paper and one from a doily) to fit halfway around the the inside of the jar.

Place doily in front of tissue paper and slip inside of jar so it is facing inward.

The tissue paper and doily will cling to the side of the jar – no glue needed.

On a thin strip of card stock, write out your Valentine's message.

Place message inside of jar – the card stock is so thick – the strip of paper will stay in place inside of the jar.

Screw on lid and glue fabric or ribbon around lid to create a more attractive base.

These decorative globes catch and hold the light and make a mesmerizing Valentine – my kids are thrilled with these.


  1. Maci Nogueira  December 9, 2011

    Everything you do is so cute! Congratularions from a brazilian fan.