Pretend Produce – For A Healthy Imagination

My 5 year old daughter loves to pretend that she is a shop owner – it keeps her happily occupied for at least an hour or more. The other day, I made some felt fruits and vegetables and we set up an imaginary roadside stand – complete with twine, bags and signs. Now I have to keep an eye peeled at garage sales for a scale!

Tomatoes, carrots, bananas, eggplant, lemons and a pear are available at Jane's produce stand today.

Funny thing – it doesn't matter how much I buy at this stand- the total is always $1.00. What a deal!

To make your own felt produce – cut two pieces of your desired shape from felt and sew together, leave an opening so you can add stuffing.

Turn inside out, add stuffing and fold edges in.

For the carrot, I made simple green leaves by fringing a cut of green fabric.

Add the greenery to the opening of the carrot and stitch closed with a thread of the same color. I use a blind stitch.

I don't make a pattern for each piece – I cut out my shapes freehand – so no two are the same.


  1. frugal scentsy mom  March 4, 2010

    I am IN LOVE with these! I dislike plastic, and these are so much more charming! Great job, and great blog (as usual!)

  2. Kat Pasco  March 6, 2010

    O.M.G!!!! What an adorable post, Camilla. Jane is SO awesome. Love every single detail of this!

  3. Pamela  November 7, 2011

    I used to belong to a mommies group in Florida and we would get a bunch of moms together and we each pick a felt food and spend a month or two making our choice food for each member involved. at the end we have a bigg playdate and pass out our creations. The children LOVED having a bunch of food made with love. I really miss those days.

    • camilla  November 7, 2011

      Pamela – that is a wonderful idea! Sounds like I would have liked that mom’s group 🙂 Take care and thanks for commenting – C