The Faker’s Hand Towel

My kids "fake wash" their hands. They turn on the water, wait a few seconds, turn it off and leave the bathroom. I am up to their trick – so I thought I'd let them know by sending them a message on the hand towel they never use.

A plain white towel is embroidered with a message that lets them know – I know.


  1. Jaimie  October 24, 2011

    haha! love it! I’ll have to remember this one when I have kids 🙂

  2. ~ joey ~  October 24, 2011

    Too clever!
    ~ joey ~

  3. la fourmi  October 25, 2011

    J’aime beaucoup venir vous rendre visite, j’ai déjà réalisé quelques unes de vos idées sur mon blog. Vous êtes une maman géniale. Vos enfants sont bien beaux!
    Amicalement clou

    • camilla  October 25, 2011

      Merci! – Camilla

  4. Michelle  October 26, 2011

    Oh my gosh, that’s so funny! I need to think of something for “fake toothbrushing!”

  5. Felisa  October 27, 2011

    LOL…Love this!

  6. Tracey  August 20, 2012

    My kids do this too!!! Why??? *laugh* this is cute though!!!!