Having A Party? Bring Out The Laundry Basket

A vintage laundry basket is transformed into a wine cooler with the addition of a plastic liner.

You'll need a laundry basket, plastic drop cloth (available in the paint supply section of Home Depot for under $4.00), jute, a large sewing needle and scissors.

Drape drop cloth over basket and cut to desired size – leaving plenty of room around the edge.

Fold edge of drop cloth in and attach to basket using jute and needle.

Using the needle, I wrapped the jute around the edge two times and tied a knot just under the rim.

I secured the liner with this stitch about every 14 inches.

Add a few bags of ice and your drinks and you're done.


  1. Beach Vintage  April 23, 2010

    Hi Camilla, thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and sending me a lovely email. Love this idea. Have a great weekend. Simone

  2. Dana  April 23, 2010


  3. AJ Tarrant  April 25, 2010

    Hi Camilla,
    Keep the great ideas flowing! You are the best. AJ