Potholder Coasters

I love my kids’ handmade potholders; they are bright and cheery and really well done. I just can’t leave them in a drawer and use them only as potholders – I have to see them more often, so I’ve decided to use them as coasters. They always brighten my day and get a happy reaction from everyone…

Just my style.

It makes a child happy to see that you really appreciate and use their homemade gifts.

These never fail to make me smile.



  1. Ali T  August 3, 2012

    So pretty! I love the explosion of colors. Altogether with the glasses, it makes me think of a Mexican theme. This just gave the idea of upcycling shirts into colorful woven coasters 🙂

  2. waywardmedic  August 3, 2012

    I love the coasters but I’m curious as to where you got those glasses. Where did you get them? They look like they are semi melted 🙂