Last Minute Tricks For Your Holiday Table

The clock is ticking down – Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Feeling like you may have dropped the ball on some of the smaller details? Don’t fret – try using some everyday household items in a new way to add personality to your table.

To make these place cards, I cut a wine cork in half lengthwise and scored the rounded side with a knife so it could hold a name card and stand up straight. I used black pastel paper and a white pencil (both available at art supply stores) to make my card.

I used a die cutter to get my tag shape, but you could cut out a rectangular shape from any card stock weight paper – even use an index card or reuse a greeting card.

These are so easy to make – you could crank out a dozen in less than 20 minutes. You could also use these to mark the different varieties of cheeses on a cheese tray.

Laundry line rope (available at The Home Depot) is cut and tied around a napkin to create a ring and also a holder for a place card. When entertaining a large crowd – I don't always have enough matching napkin rings – this solves that problem in a flash and inexpensively too.

Fresh bay leaves (available in the produce section of my supermarket) are punched with a hole puncher, stamped with rubber stamp letters and tied to the stem of a glass to create a fresh and unique wine charm. You can make these the night before or the morning of your event – but not much earlier than that as the leaves will dry and curl after a few days.

Try clipping a clothespin to your napkins to hold a place card in place along with a clipping of rosemary.


  1. Jennifer  November 22, 2010

    Love the stamped bay leaf. What a fresh idea!

  2. david  November 22, 2010

    So gorgeous. So simple. Love all of these – and the photos look great.