Shooting Star Garland

Paper stars – cut from the pages of an old book – are strung onto quilting thread and suspended from our Christmas tree's branches. My kids love this – the stars appear to float around the tree.

The view from below – I chose to apply these vertically for more impact.

To make these I used a star shaped punch (available at craft stores), an old book, a thin needle and quilting thread (it has a stiffness to it that works well for this). Punch out stars from book pages, thread needle with desired length of thread. Tie a small knot at the end of your thread -and also tie a knot before you add each new star to keep the stars in place- and start stringing the paper stars on to the thread – piercing them in the center.

I made several 2 foot strands and applied each of them to the tree by wrapping the ends of the thread around the tips of two parallel branches. It takes only a moment to apply these – just make sure the threads are taut – as the look doesn't work if they sag.

It really is magical – the way the stars appear to float – I especially love how this looks when the room is dimly lit.

I’m listening to The Talking Heads today – their sound never gets old to me.


  1. Mama Taney  December 7, 2010

    What a wonderful idea!! I found several small stacks of Christmas cards that had been given to my great-grandmother & have been saving them, waiting for the right “use” for them to appear. I think this might be it!! Love it! 🙂

    • camilla  December 7, 2010

      That sounds lovely! Thanks for letting me know – have a fantastic holiday season! Camilla