Doodle Games

This is a fun game you can play anywhere with your child. I carry a small sketch pad and pens in my purse and pull out this game when passing the time in a Doctor’s office, waiting for a meal at a restaurant or on a long car trip.

Any paper will do & you will need two different colored pens or markers for this.

Have your child start the game by making a scribble mark on the page.

Using a marker of a different color – you try to make something out of that scribble.

You make the next scribble and hand the pad back to your child – it's their turn to create something.

Using two different marker colors allows you and your child to look back and see the progression of each drawing. It can truly be amazing to see what others can make out of a random mark on the page.


  1. David  February 22, 2010

    I HEART Family Chic!