Playing Under The Table And Dreaming…

As a child, I was thrilled to hang out underneath a heavily skirted table that my mother kept in our living room. I would drag pillows and a flashlight  into this dark, cozy world and my imagination would take off. I created a small room of my own and I loved it. As a parent, I believe it is important to remember the things that excited us as a child in order to better relate to our own children. With this thought in mind, I taught my girls how to make a fort out of our dining room table. Once I set up the basics, they ran with it and brought in our old rotary phone and LED candles, dolls, small stools with tea towel tablecloths – they furnished their new space with great excitement. All you need are a few sheets, a tablecloth or two, a strand of christmas lights and clothespins and your kids will have some fun playing under the table and dreaming…

A few sheets and a few minutes and a fort is formed.

I start out by placing a sheet underneath the table – tuck all corners underneath the legs of the table to keep it in place.

A good fort needs total coverage – sheets must touch the floor. Drape one sheet over half of the table.

And another sheet over the other half.

Drape a patterned tablecloth over the top and, to create an entryway, clip up a section with a few clothespins.

Clothespins – I can't live without them and I don't even dry my clothes on a line! I use them for everything from keeping a bag of opened chips closed to displaying my girls' artwork.

Add a lot of pillows and a strand of lights (I attach mine underneath the table with small cup hooks).

It may seem obvious, but children really appreciate this sort of extra attention – I always get a huge reaction when I set this up for my girls and their friends.


  1. Julie  June 7, 2010

    Fun and creative!

  2. shabby chic furniture  June 8, 2010

    I loved making forts! I was also partial to hiding inside clothes racks in department stores 🙂

    • camilla  June 10, 2010

      Yes! Every child seems to love secret hide-outs!