A Craft For Toothless Children

My 6 year old and her friends are quickly becoming a toothless bunch as their baby teeth are falling out at an exceptional rate. They couldn’t be happier about it – it is almost all they talk about when they get together. I overhear conversations about how the tooth fell out, how much money the tooth fairy paid, how painful or painless it was — and on and on it goes. I figured I could make a project that celebrates this life changing event and came up with a simple craft that any toothless child would enjoy.

To cash in quick and hold that tooth securely underneath their pillows, my daughters made simple tooth fairy bags.

I picked up a package of 4 cotton spice bags for $2.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond and let my kids color them in with fabric markers (available at craft stores).

Place a piece of card stock inside of the bag before painting with the pens to prevent the paint from running through to the other side.

Instead of buying spice bags, you could also sew up a few of your own small drawstring bags in muslin.