What Would Andy Do?

I can never look at a Campbell's tomato soup can without thinking of Andy Warhol.

Why not bring a bit of pop art into your home with these simple Warhol inspired ideas? For just $0.88 a can you can grab some style and eat your lunch too!

Wheat grass dropped into Campbell's soup cans look great on a table - but also could be used as a fun and eco-friendly party favor gift.

To make these, I broke up a container of wheat grass into thirds, put some pea gravel in the bottoms of each can and dropped the grass in.

You can use a pot of wheat grass from the store, as I did – or you could grow the grass from seed right in the can. Place gravel (for drainage) in the bottom of the can, add soil and place seeds on top – lightly cover with soil. Keep moist and in bright light and you will have your own little patch of greenery growing in no time.

I've lined the inside of this can with a natural, unbleached paper towel and used it to hold rosemary bread sticks at a buffet.

Bring a little bit of Andy to your work space -a cheap, yet chic, pencil holder.

My inspiration - Campbell's Soup Can, 1964 Andy Warhol

Steal of a deal! Here is a link to the Campbell’s Soup website where they sell some Warhol posters for $28.00 – not bad!

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  1. Ken

    February 4, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    You should sell this idea to Campbell’s. There are so many other great options. Thanks for the inspiration.

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