Blob Lights

If you’ve ever had a group of kids sitting around your dinner table – you know that candles are not a practical or safe option. However, I am a believer that children appreciate the same details that adults enjoy so I try to create interesting lighting options for the table that are child-friendly. I find LED candles are a great option, but not the prettiest looking – so I am always thinking of ways to dress them up a bit. Here’s a quick trick you might want to try… all you’ll need are a bag of balloons and LED tea lights.

Line your table with these glowing blobs and dim the lights to create a fun and intriguing look that appeals to kids of all ages. This take seconds to make and the kids can help.

This would be a great look for Halloween too.

Start out by cutting the neck off of the balloon.

Slip balloon over LED light – leaving the bottom of the candle exposed.

To give your blob some shape, pull a small section of the balloon away from the base of the candle and blow some air inside.

Flip the switch and scatter blob lights around the table.


  1. Amy  August 15, 2011

    They’re amazing! I’ll have to try this ASAP… no kids yet but my 27yr old boyfriend can rarely be trusted with candles either 😀

    • camilla  August 15, 2011

      Amy – So funny!!! 🙂
      Thanks, C

  2. Lori  August 15, 2011

    Having another “Why didn’t I think of that” moment. As it turns out, I usually don’t think of things because I’m not nearly that creative. 😉 That’s why I have YOU. Thanks for sharing- I LOVE these. I’m going to be using them a LOT.

    • camilla  August 15, 2011

      Lori – You are so kind! glad to hear you like this one! Take Care, C

  3. Rhi  August 15, 2011

    THIS IS AWESOME!! I can’t wait to try this with my 5 yr old. She LOVES setting a fancy dinner table.

  4. Andie  August 16, 2011

    I have a bag of balloons and a stack of LED lights with this projects name on them! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Katherine  August 16, 2011

    What a fun idea!

  6. Heather  August 16, 2011

    This is fantastic. I have been trying to come up with some lighting solutions for our labor day BBQ, and now I think you’ve done it for me!

  7. Crafty Blueberry  August 16, 2011

    Thankyou for giving me a use for the pack of ugly LED tea lights lurking in my cupboard . I confidently predict that my living room will be covered in gently glowing blobs within 48 hours.

  8. Lisa  August 16, 2011

    These are awesome & my son will LOVE them. Thanks for sharing such a great idea! 🙂

  9. Mary Eileen  August 17, 2011

    These are terrific. I might be able to use these in a classroom since no fire is around. Thank you so much for your beautiful things.

  10. sarah  August 17, 2011

    Now those are totally fun! An excuse to buy led lights 🙂 Will have to make some for our table – And the kids can help make them. Thanks!

  11. Debbie Thomas  August 18, 2011

    Awesome idea… Thanks for sharing.

  12. Amanda  August 21, 2011

    What a great idea, and perfect for any holiday too!

    I wanted to let you know that I have featured your project on Fun Family Crafts today! You can see it here

    FFC also accepts submissions! Please consider this an invitation to submit as many kid friendly craft tutorials as you like. I look forward to seeing what you submit!

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  13. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts  August 26, 2011

    These are great! I am linking to your project on Tuesday 8/30 on Dollar Store Crafts!

  14. TERRY  August 28, 2011

    Very clever. How in the world did you think of that!!

  15. Cindy  September 1, 2011

    We love this idea and tried it in the office – but we ran into a little problem – how do you keep the air in them? We tried cutting the balloon like you did and just putting it over with out cutting (hoping for a tighter fit). Any suggestions?

    • camilla  September 1, 2011

      Hi Cindy! I used 11-inch balloons and made sure the fit around the base of the plastic candle was fairly tight. I didn’t blow the balloons up all of the way – just gave them a few puffs to give them a “blobby” shape. To do this, I pulled a small part of the balloon away from the candle – blew air in and snapped it back right away. I hope this helps – let me know. Thanks for contacting me – take care, Camilla

  16. kimberly  September 3, 2011

    wow… beautiful

  17. Amanda  September 3, 2011

    Just wanted to let you know that this was in the top 5 projects on Fun Family Crafts for August! Congratulations!

  18. Daynegerous  September 8, 2011

    I love this idea! I’m going to use gold and ivory balloons and use them to line the sidewalk outside of a reception. These might work for the December wedding better than paper bags.

  19. molly  September 15, 2011


  20. ~ joey ~  October 12, 2011

    Brilliant! I’m going to share this with all of my friends!

  21. Kelly  January 9, 2012

    Cool! Thanks!

  22. sara  January 18, 2012

    awesome! so in love with your blog!

  23. Lisa  January 26, 2012

    Hi, these are so cute but had a problem getting air into them. I read previous suggestions but we can’t blow the air in them. We’re using large balloons too. Any other suggestions?

    • camilla  January 26, 2012

      Hi Lisa – did you cut the balloon off at a narrow enough point? You want these to fit snug around the LED. Try cutting the balloon closer to the opening so that it is tight and will hold the air. Hope this helps, Camilla

  24. Tammie Baker  February 8, 2012

    Maybe you could try putting a straw inside the rim of the balloon, blow it up a bit, then quickly pull it out so that the air doesn’t have time to escape.

    • camilla  February 8, 2012

      Great idea Tammie! Thanks, C

  25. tammy  February 10, 2012

    What a fun idea..I am going to use this with my Sunday school class…can you say safe “burning bush”!!!
    Love it, thank you!!!

  26. Dixie  July 1, 2012

    I use this trick when getting air out of freezer bags. Seal bag except for a small slit. Insert a drinking straw in the slit and suck out the air, pull seal tab over while removing straw. The reverse could be used for this cute lights. Slip the straw between the LED light and the balloon, blow in the straw until desired size, pull out straw. Works for me.

  27. Sabrina  August 18, 2012

    How about if you toss the LED light into the balloon, blow it up, and tie the balloons on a string and hang them around the place, like lanterns? 🙂

    Or maybe if you have helium you can fill the balloons with helium and tie them up individually? 🙂

  28. maddie  February 3, 2013

    omg these are amazing I would love for my kids to try these they alway complain about their rooms being to dark.

  29. Elizabeth  February 22, 2013

    Can’t wait to make these with my 5 yr old granddaughter. She will have a blast since she loves to craft.

  30. Terri  February 22, 2013

    wow this is a really terrific idea for many holidays to come … as well as BD parties.. this is something i will recommend to the Nursing Home i visit where i have lady friends there .. what a fun project for one and all..and to … for those that are unable to physically help make these decorations.. just to be there and watch in awe will bring smiles to everyones face.. indeed… ty ty for the special input into this kind of decoration.. we’re going to have loads of fun for everyone in this … ty again ! cheers !

  31. sharon  June 7, 2013

    not sure where you get your tea lights from but here in new zealand the tea lights must not be air tight the ballons gkeep going down i just love the idea but cant get it to work