DIY Dinner Table Game

Sometimes we need to keep the kids busy and happy at the dinner table until the meal is ready (or until the adults have stopped gabbing). Simple games, that are easy enough for most kids to play, can help pass the time. Here’s an easy DIY dinnertime game that’s perfect for the holidays or anytime…

Using a pair of chopsticks, each child takes a turn stacking the cubes.

Place a pair of chopsticks and a handful of wooden craft cubes at each child's pacesetting. I got a bag of 24, 3/4" wooden craft cubes for about $4.00 in the wood crafts section of Michaels.

Using the chopsticks, each child takes a turn adding on a block to create the highest possible stack without having it fall.

If you're not up for a trip to the craft store, you could always use cork instead. Using a knife, cut cork into thirds – be sure to cut off the ends of the cork first to make a flat surface on both sides of every piece for easier stacking.



  1. Alessandra  August 5, 2012

    clever and simple idea!! like it !!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. maria agnes  December 26, 2012

    very good idea .,for childrens and adults. Very good .