Tassel Napkin Ring DIY

Tassels are really in right now and great tutorials can be found all over the web for making them out of embroidery floss. I love this idea – the bright, silky floss makes the most beautiful tassels! I decided to use the ones I made to create a set of napkin rings for a Mother’s Day brunch…

These tassel napkin rings look wonderful on the table and make a great gift too. Each one took me less than 5 minutes to make!

For this project you will need: suede lace (sold by the spool at craft stores), embroidery floss (craft stores) and a glue gun.

Start out by making your tassel. Take an entire hank and fold in half. Tie a piece of floss around the center.

Tie a strand of floss around the top of the tassel, cut the loops and trim the ends as needed.

Cut an 11-inch strand of suede lace. Fold in half and hot-glue the top strands of your tassel in between the two pieces of suede lace.

The top strands of the tassel should be firmly sandwiched inside the laces. To do this just put down a thin line of hot glue onto one of the suede laces, add the tassel strand, more glue and then press the other lace down on top.

Wrap the area where the cord and tassel are glued together with embroidery floss. You can secure this part with small dabs of hot glue or tie a knot and trim the excess floss.

Have a happy Mother's Day! XO, Camilla

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    May 5, 2014 at 5:35 am

    Beautiful, kisses

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