Polka Dot Soup & Holy Cheese Toast!

Sometimes just a few extra touches can make a meal more appealing to a child – creating a visually intriguing plate can make a child think twice about walking away. I like to brand my creations by giving them silly names – my kids enjoy it and I get some fun out coming up with names for my crazy concoctions.

A serving of tomato soup is given a new look that no child can ignore.

Using a 1/2" size round pastry cutter, cut out rounds from a slice of bread and toast on a baking sheet in the oven. Add to soup.

Your child will need some "Holy Cheese Toast!" to go with their "Polka Dot Soup". Place cheese on a slice of bread - put your leftover "holy" slice on top and bake in oven alongside round cut outs. This is also great to serve to your little ones on April Fool's Day!

What child could resist this lunch? It really doesn't take much time at all and the reaction you'll get makes it worth it!