Star Spangled Candle Covers

Family Chic

Instead of buying patriotic party decorations for your table this holiday weekend, try this easy DIY…

Family Chic

Bring out your star shaped cookies cutters to make these fun and easy candle covers.

Family Chic

These covers can easily slip on and off of a glass cylinder.

Famliy Chic

For this project you will need: star shaped cookie cutters in different sizes, fabric paint and muslin fabric.

Poor a small amount of paint onto a paper plate and dip cookie cutter into it so that the edges are coated in paint.

Stamp cookie cutter onto fabric. You can either cut muslin to fit cylinder and then stamp - or stamp first, let dry and then cut to fit cylinder.

Repeat until fabric is covered with enough stars to your liking - feel free to overlap and run off the edge.

Family Chic

Run a line of hot glue along the edge of the fabric to close. Be sure to glue fabric to itself and not to the glass so you can slip it on and off and as needed.

Place a pillar candle inside of cylinder.






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  1. Steff

    June 8, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    I’m thinking dinosaur playdough cutters, acrylic paints, a little boy and an old t- shirt. What’s the worst that can happen? Thanks for the kick up my (recently not very crafty) backside!

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