Fortune Candle Pot

I like centerpieces that are conversation starters. Especially with my kids and their friends – I love it when they sit down to our table and lean in to get a closer look at a quirky centerpieceĀ I’ve made. Here’s my latest creation –

fortune candles 2

We like to collect our fortune cookie fortunes – I decided to display them on my latest centerpiece.

fortune candles 3

A metal bucket (from the dollar spot at Target $3) is filled with dry rice and tall votives. I hot-glued pom-poms to craft magnets (both from craft stores) to secure our collection of fortunes to the exterior of the bucket.

fortune candles 6

Buy a bag of pom-poms and a bag of small craft magnets and hot glue the pom-poms to the magnets.

fortune candles 4

Fun and different for the new year.