Quick Change Christmas Tree

A supermarket tree is given a green makeover using a shopping bag and paper from the recycling bin.

In its before state - I picked up this potted Italian Stone Pine at my grocery store for $29.99.

It was so big - about 3 feet and it came with a strand of lights - I couldn't pass it up.

I removed the plastic ornaments and trimmed the edges of the paper wrapping.

I turned a paper grocery bag inside out and dropped the tree in -- looking better already.

Using a Martha Stewart brand snowflake punch (available at Michael's - about $16.00) I punched out a bunch of snowflakes from a grocery store receipt and other random paper from our recycling bin.

I just tucked the paper snowflakes into the branches.

I'll be sure to find a use for the original plastic ornaments as decorative touches on some packages.