Raffia Ornaments

In addition to my vibrant vintage ornaments, I love to work natural tones into my holiday decor. Here are a few ornaments I made with raffia and wood beads –

A God's Eye is made from sticks and raffia and my mala-inspired ornament is made from raffia and wood craft beads.

To make the God's Eye you will need two small sticks of equal length and long strands of raffia (sold by the bag at Michaels).

Tie the two sticks together at their centers.

Wrap the raffia around one stick, then move to the other -- add more length to your raffia by tying on new strands.

It is important to wrap each arm in the same direction. The back of your God's Eye should look like this.

The front should look like this. Knot the end and create a loop for hanging.

To make the mala beads you will need: Raffia and wood beads (Michaels). Start out by making the tassel. Grab a small handful of 12-inch long strands of raffia. Use a 14-inch raffia strand to tie the center together.

Fold your bundle at the center and tie a piece of raffia around the top of your tassel.

Slide wood beads onto the long top strand.

Tie to close. These would also make pretty napkin rings.

Very happy with these.


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  1. Marsha

    November 26, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Welcome back; love the way you write and create!

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