Tree Gift Basket

Instead of flowers or a fruit basket – try giving a tree basket…

I chose to work with two trees, but one would be great too. Use a basket you already have, check resale shops or places like TJMaxx for a good deal.

I decorated the basket by tying on a small star I made out of wood shims.

This would make a wonderful hostess gift for that extra special person in your life or “a random act of kindness” holiday surprise for a senior neighbor who can’t put up their own Christmas Tree. All they have to do is plug it in. For a senior, you could give them a small extension cord to go along with it too or use a battery operated light set.


-Small potted fir tree (check your supermarket or home improvement stores for a good price) You could also use a small artificial tree (available at craft stores).

-50-100 light strand

-Basket (I got mine at TJMaxx)

-Plastic grocery bags

-Shim star – see tutorial here.

How To: Place tree in doubled up plastic grocery bags and put in basket (this way the trees can be watered without leaking). If the tree sits too low in the basket, pad the bottom with crumpled up newspaper. Wrap lights around tree. Attach your shim star and give!

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  1. gift basket

    December 6, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    wow! nice gift basket pic.i like tree gift basket. so cute.

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