Wild Grass Wreath

We have a lot of ornamental grasses in our garden — so at this time of year, we have an abundance of beautiful dried grasses. I’ve been eyeing these lovely displays of nature and decided to make a few wreaths for the home.

Wild Grass Wreath 1

An 8-inch wreath made from dried ornamental grass from our garden is easy to make and adds an interesting holiday detail to any small spot.

wild grass wreath how to 1

To begin, cut a bunch of dried ornamental grass. Get as long of a cutting as you can.

wild grass wreath form

Using vine wrapped wire (available at craft stores and online), create a frame for your wreath. Wrap wire around 3-4 times, secure by wrapping wire around your circle.

wild grass wreath wrap

If grass is very dry, mist with a bit of water to make it more malleable. Wrap grass around wreath, secure ends with wire. I let mine unravel a bit to create a more wild look.

wild grass wreath cu

Keep wrapping wreath with grass until it is at the thickness you want. Tie on a piece of jute and hang.

wild grass wreath 4

I like a rustic, Swedish look — this has that feeling for me.

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  1. Lisa

    December 10, 2015 at 6:14 am

    Lovely. I especially love that you made something beautiful from something that would be thrown away! Very creative!

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