For $3.99 A Bunch – Fern Leaves Can Go A Long Way

I love leaves of all types, but I think fern fronds are my favorite. Ferns have an earthy appeal for me – they remind me of walking in the woods, springtime and greenhouses. In the floral section of the supermarket you can always find fern leaves and usually they are priced at under $4.00 a bunch. Here are a few ways you can decorate with these inexpensive beauties…

A simple glass votive is set in a new light once wrapped with the tip of a fern leaf.

To make these you will need - glass votives, twine and one large fern leaf. Clip off a part of the frond and wrap around votive, secure with a rubber band to hold in place. Tie twine on and remove rubber band.

I love to make something out of nothing - it's a thrill for me. Try making a tray out of a paper grocery bag and a fern frond.

This is a great way to wrap a treat for a friend - they will love it and they can keep it- no need to ask for your dish to be returned!

Cut down a paper grocery bag by two thirds and fold over the top to create a 2 inch depth on the bag and start stapling fern leaves to edge.

To conceal the staples - layer the leaves over each other. At the end, fold down the previous leaf, staple the next one...

... release the leaf and it will fall back onto the other one to cover the staple.

Continue around the entire rim until it is covered with fern leaves. To add stability to the base - add a cardboard insert (I use the cardboard back to sketch pad).

Line with wax or parchment paper and you are done.

A fern garland will set the mood for a spring party of any kind!

To make this garland just clip fern cuttings to twine with a small clip (I bought my clips for $0.29 a piece at Blick). You can also tie fern on or use clothespins if you don't have a metal clip handy.

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    April 20, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Darling Sister! Great ideas! Great blog! Great sister! Keep of the fantastic work. Love it! AJ

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