Scribbled Eggs

When it comes to decorating Easter eggs with young kids, I’m always looking for easy and different options. I discovered that scribbling on still-warm hardboiled eggs with a crayon makes for a cool design and vibrant color…

family chic

Here's the thing — be sure to work with hardboiled eggs while they are still warm; the crayon melts onto the eggshell. Just grab a few crayons and start scribbling!

family chic

Kids of all ages can do this and it's far less messy than the traditional method.


  1. Samantha  March 4, 2013

    I usually use a white crayon then dip them in the colors, this is a great alternative and very clean! Thank you!

    • camilla  March 5, 2013

      Hey Samantha – We used to do that too! Glad you like this one – all the best, Camilla

  2. Victoria  March 12, 2013

    Very cool idea! I am impressed by your perfectly random squiggles.
    I also used to use a white crayon, but I think my three year old will like using colorful crayons. Especially since lately she wants everything to be rainbow.

    Thanks for the idea!

  3. Allie  March 16, 2013

    Hi Camilla! I love this kid friendly idea!! I featured it on my blog today! Stop by and grab a button if you like. Have a happy weekend!!

  4. erin  March 20, 2013

    What a great suggestion!! My kids are 4,3 and 14 months old. They love crayons.. we will definitely decorate some of the eggs this way. How fun! Thanks!