Bloody Good Candles For Halloween

Old footed glassware is dripped with red glass paint to create some bloody good fun for Halloween.

These are so simple to make. I dropped a few squirts of red glass paint into my glass, swirled it around a bit and then turned it upside down to let the paint run down the sides.

I used Delta red transparent glass paint from Michael's - it has the perfect viscosity for this project.

I also dropped it along the rim of a pair of $3.00 glass candlesticks from Pier One.

Love it.

Couldn't stop myself from drizzling a line of this paint along the rim of a clementine can grabbed from the recycling bin.

Not the right type of paint for this tin can, but it worked and I love it too.

Red candles work best for this.

I’m listening to Sondre Lerche today.