Corn Husk Candle Covers

I was quite happy to find a large bag of dried corn husks, used for making tamales, in the produce section of our local supermarket. Priced at $4.00 for a bag of about 40 or more husks, I couldn’t resist using them to add a little bit of fall harvest decor to our home…

To make these just wrap corn husks around glass candle holder and secure with a rubber band. Cover rubber band by tying on some jute, ribbon, or a leather cord and tuck in a feather.

Make a few of these and place them around the house with gourds or apples scattered about to add some warm lighting to your home now that the days are getting shorter.

For a few dollars, I purchased a bag of black craft feathers at Michaels - I thought they looked like crow feathers and had to use them in our home.