Halloween Favor Cans

I can’t stop working with those Martha Stewart brand beverage labels. This time I’ve added them to recycled cans that I filled with candy to make these Halloween favor cans.

Cans make a fun and different container for Halloween candy or small toys. You can make these favor cans in minutes.

Trick or treat? Your kids will love the surprise they'll get when they open these.

To make these – open can with a can opener that is a safety lid lifter (this allows you to open the can leaving a smooth edge on the lid and the can). I have a Kuhn Rikon – it removes the lid perfectly so you can stick the lid back onto the can and it stays in place quite well. Clean can, remove original label, attach new label, fill with treats and snap lid back in place.

Wash and dry cans well.

To open your favor can, just pull up on the lid from the rim.

Your kids will think you're pretty tricky with this one.

Here’s a link to Kuhn Rikon can openers and Martha Stewart brand beverage labels.


  1. Sandi  October 1, 2011

    That looks so fun. I am going to have to try it for Halloween

  2. Bonnie@WhatAboutPie  October 4, 2011

    So adorable,…Ididn’t realize there was such a can opener…that is perfect for this! Very cool that the lid can be snapped back on.

  3. Effie  October 4, 2011

    What a great idea! My son’s class is small so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to make one for each child. Very cool!