No-Sew Bandana Band

Headbands are quite popular at the moment – I love the way they look on young girls. We were able to whip up a few of our own in a matter of minutes this morning and we didn’t even have to take out the sewing machine…

We made our headbands out of a bandana, but you could use any leftover fabric.

For this project you will need: a glue gun, a bandana, thin elastic (available at craft and fabric stores) and scissors. Cut out three, one-inch strips from a bandana.

Tie the ends together.

Holding the knotted end between your knees, braid the strands together.

Tie the end to secure and trim excess fabric.

Measure out a piece of elastic that will allow the headband to fit comfortably around your head. Hot glue the braid to the elastic.

To neaten the look, I glued a strip of extra fabric around the edge of the braid.

These are so simple to make!

Fun for the 4th of July!