Shirt Cuff Bracelets

I’ve got a bracelet thing going on these days – can’t stop making them. A few of my husband’s old shirts sparked the idea for this quick project…

A men's shirt cuff takes on a new use as a chunky bracelet.

For this project you will need: an old button down shirt, thread, a sewing needle and an iron-on appliqué (available at craft stores and online).

To begin, cut off the cuff of the shirt. Be sure to cut along the seam to create a clean edge.

To create a fit that works for your wrist, move the button in a bit.

Find the center of the cuff on your wrist and iron on the appliqué.

This would make a fun party project.

The nice thing about this project is that you could make these for boys too (use sports themed iron-ons).

Be sure to check out my "Trick Up My Sleeve Coin Purse" project too - it's also made from a men's shirt cuff (click on image to link through to full tutorial).