Tassel Necklaces

My Tassel Napkin Ring project got my mind thinking up other ways to use those silky DIY tassels. I decided to try making some cool necklaces and I am so loving them!

Give Mom a stylish necklace this Mother's Day -- these are super easy to make.

I love the tassels with the beads and leather - very cool looking.

For this project you will need: embroidery floss, beads, eye pins, leather cord, needle nose pliers, scissors and a glue gun (craft stores).

Start out by making your small tassels. Tie about a 5-inch length of embroidery floss to loop of the embroidery floss skein.


Tie another length of floss around the top of the skein, knot and cut to desired length. Use the other end of the skein to make your second tassel.

String your beads onto the eye pin. Make sure it's an even amount of beads, so the necklace is balanced.

Close the end of the eye pin by creating a loop with your pliers.

Tie the tassels to the loops on each end of your bead bar.

Cut a long length of leather cord (long enough to fit over the head).

Hot glue tassels strands to ends of leather cord.

Wrap cord to cover tassel strands with embroidery floss. Tie with small knots to secure.


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  1. Darcie

    May 23, 2014 at 10:58 am

    I wear mine with pride! Thanks for letting my daughter in on this project!

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