Rag Flags

A canvas drop cloth is cut down into small rectangles, painted and attached to a stick to make these rustic rag flags…

You could use any white canvas fabric for this, but I used a drop cloth that I tore into rectangles. I left the edges frayed to add a rustic feel.

For this project you will need: white canvas fabric, craft paints, paint brushes, a glue gun and sticks.

Tear your canvas into the shape you want and glue it to your stick.

Paint both sides of your flag with craft paint.

family chic

Paint one side, let it dry and paint the other side.

family chic

You can pull together an easy garland with these flags too.

family chic

Just sew together flags and remnant fabric pieces cut to the same size.





  1. Only in Louisiana  July 6, 2012

    I adore this bunting – I bet you could use old pillow cases too! Then you would have it for Memorial Day and any other festive patriotic holiday.