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Cereal Box Easter Basket

This Easter basket project costs me nothing at all to make – I used an empty cereal box and leftover craft supplies…

Fill with grass or tissue paper, add your treats and give! Happy Easter! XO, Camilla
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DIY Ring Catchers

Turn odd china pieces into funky catchall dishes with PLAID Mod Podge Sheer Colors…

Thanks to PLAID Mod Podge for sponsoring this post!
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Glitter Candles

Reworking candles with my hands and a bit of gold glitter…

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Chopstick Icicles

Making icicles from chopsticks…

The tapered shape of a chopstick lends itself quite well to this project - it's a perfect icicle shape!
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Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone good health and happiness in the new year! XO, Camilla

Family Chic
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