Garbage Bag Gift Wrap

When I’m wrapping a gift for a teen, I want the look to be out of the ordinary and funky – I like to experiment with unusual materials. Here’s a unexpected way to wrap a gift with a garbage bag…

An Arctic Monkeys album is wrapped in a black garbage bag (thought it could look like leather) and stenciled with a metallic paint pen.

The look is meant to be edgy – I used gold tape.

To wrap the album I used: a heavy duty garbage bag, a silver metallic Sharpie, gold tape (from Blick) and a headphone stencil from my Ed Roth stencil book (purchased at Blick a few years ago). Wrap the gift with the garbage bag and use the metallic pen to trace the stencil onto the surface of the gift. Very easy – very different.


  1. Susan  February 17, 2014

    Very cool