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My Crushed Can Planters In Hendes Verden

Thrilled to have one of my projects featured in the Feb issue of the Danish magazine, Hendes Verden!

Happy to have my Crushed Can Planters featured in the creative Danish magazine,  Hendes Verden.
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Bounce Ball Planter

Perk up your pots with this easy addition…

Kids love details like this - they notice them straight away.
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Checkerboard Moss Centerpiece

This is the easiest centerpiece ever and it looks amazing!

Potted scotch moss ($3.98 each, Home Depot) are placed in cutoff paper lunchbags and arranged in a checkerboard pattern on the table.
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Miniature Hostess Gift

A small succulent placed in a pewter cup – something the host/hostess can keep on their desk or bedside table…

At less than 4-inches tall, this succulent plant in a small pewter cup (resale find, less than $2.00) makes an easy hostess gift. It can go right on the table or
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Wreath Plant Topper

No one wants to see the plastic pot – here’s a quick cover up trick for you…

The rim of this potted pine was sticking up above the top of my urn, so I covered it up with a wreath.
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