Sweater Wreath

This is so easy – your kids can help. Just cut a sweater into 3-inch wide strips and wrap them around a craft wreath – secure the ends with pins and you're done.

I added a crocheted doily – you can find these at craft stores or resale shops.

I used a 12-inch straw craft wreath – available at craft stores for about $4.00.

No gluing or sewing here – I only used pins to keep things in place.

Collect a few old sweaters (you could also use scarves) and cut into 3-inch wide strips of desired length. Begin by tacking your first strip of sweater to the back of your wreath with a pin and wrap it around, securing the end with another pin.

Always begin and end a strip from the back of the wreath – keep going around until the wreath is covered.

This doily has a bit of a star shape – I attached it by pinning it down at each of its 8 points.

I'm hanging this one on my fake antlers.


  1. Mandy  November 13, 2012

    I love this wreath! I hope it is okay if I feature your post on using sweaters for gifts?